Stan Feldman shares a dream with Baycrest and the new Kimel Family Centre for Brain Health and Wellness: that all people will have the opportunity to age with dignity, strength and independence.

Stan has spent his entire life using his energy, creativity and heart to help better the lives of others. It’s time to honour and recognize his amazing contributions.

Why Stan's Gym?

1. Because, as Stan has always said, exercise is the silver bullet to aging well.

2. Because activity brings people together.

3. Because the impact will be global. When breakthroughs are discovered, like exercise programs that can improve a person's brain health and/or help people to better cope with symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer's, this knowledge will be shared with other entities around the world.

4. Because Stan’s passion for Baycrest and for the people of Baycrest is unmatched.

5. In recognition of all the many people, in so many realms, to which Stan has brought his passion and vision.

What is Stan's Gym?

A leading edge, state of the art gym and research facility for older men and women.

A message from Dr. William Reichman, President and CEO, Baycrest Health Sciences:

This year, Baycrest marks our centennial anniversary and we are poised to make an even greater contribution to the well–being of older adults in our community and worldwide.

One coming initiative that we are especially excited about is a new, research informed, state-of-the-art physical fitness facility – Stan’s Gym. It will be dedicated in honour of Stan Feldman, celebrating his tireless efforts to promote healthy aging, and his unique contributions to enhancing the lives of all we serve at Baycrest.

Stan’s Gym will focus on optimizing physical and brain functioning in both healthy older adults, as well as those with mild cognitive impairment and dementia. We envision that this new facility will provide the most advanced physical exercise equipment and programming specifically tailored to aging and older adults.

A built-in research component will incorporate the expertise of our world-renowned Rotman Research Institute scientists, who will design and test the effectiveness of new fitness activities. In addition to fitness professionals, health educators and scientists, “Stan’s Gym” will include related activities by wellness specialists in the areas of physiotherapy, nutrition science and other clinical professions.

I invite you to join us in making “Stan’s Gym” a truly exceptional facility.

Who is Stan Feldman?

The Pulpit Rock
The heart of the B2B Ride
The Pulpit Rock
Founder of the Scotiabank Baycrest
Pro-Am with his fellow enforcer
The Pulpit Rock
Two old-timer hockey player friends

The Board of Directors of Baycrest hired Stan to replace Sam Ruth as the President of the Baycrest Foundation in January 1988. Stan did not have experience with fundraising or knowledge of geriatrics, and fortunately, he was able to persuade Sam to remain involved. Together, with many other incredible volunteers and outstanding Baycrest staff, they were able to fund the Rotman and Lunenfeld research entities, the Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged, and many new, innovative programs and services. They also reached out to young supporters and generated new donations by launching the Barrie to Baycrest (B2B) bike ride and the Baycrest Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimer's.

Stan's grandfather was, and always will be his hero. It was very special and rewarding for him to be able to do something that would help other people’s grandfathers and grandmothers live a better and healthier life.

“I cannot imagine how 30 wonderful years with Baycrest have gone by so fast. “ – Stan



BA, LLB, LLM, member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, which is relieved that he never practised law for a single day … even though he graduated in the top 10 of his class.

At 58 years young, he got a Master's of Education from Harvard and enjoyed the entire experience, even when the professors thought he was a father who was lost on the campus.


Stan started his career in the Big Apple. His first job was with the United Nations Development Program. Then he went to Columbia Pictures and MGM in NYC and Hollywood, and discovered that the movie business is not real, but it is lots of fun.

Back in Toronto, he was recruited in 1971 by Premier Bill Davis to a group whose task was to reorganize the Ontario government. Next, as a member of Red Leaf Communications, he helped the first Prime Minister Trudeau regain a majority in Parliament. He was never approached to do anything for the NDP!

Thank you if you bought a Chinese Bamboo Steamer, Ginsu Knives, the hits of Box Car Willie or any other ‘must have’ product via TV mail order from Stan’s company, the Home Shoppe Ltd. Sorry, the time for refunds has expired!

Community Involvement

Stan helped to create and execute the Rally For Kids with Cancer for Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

On behalf of the B’nai Brith Freedom Lodge, for over a decade, he ran the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital program, which included wheelchair hockey, Blue Jays baseball games, Halloween outings, getting to concerts, special events, movies and much more. This was a great experience for every person involved with the children because they could see the happiness and pure joy on their faces when they became involved in these different activities.

Stan was on the boards of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Holy Blossom Temple. He was involved with the Canadian Nature Conservancy, and was a house hockey league coach. He is still involved with new projects that hopefully will make a positive difference in people’s lives.

His interest in community and making a difference started young. In high school, he was the president of the Niagara District Jewish Youth Council and the Niagara District Hillel. He was also president of St. Catharines Collegiate, and co-founder of the Biazio Club (only people from St. Catharines are allowed to know what it did!).


Even with two left feet and at only 125 pounds, Stan quarterbacked St. Catharines Collegiate to both junior and senior SOSSA (Southern Ontario Secondary School Association) championships.

As a pitcher, he was invited to a tryout by the Brooklyn Dodgers but very quickly learned his future lay in areas other than being a major league ball player.

He was also involved on city teams in baseball, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, rowing and even dabbled with ping pong!

Very, Very Favourite Activities

Husband to Susan for 51 incredible years, father to the two best children in the world, Jon and Amy, grandfather to Mia and Noa, who, like everybody else’s grandchildren, are beyond exceptional, and father-in-law to Shlomit, the mother of his very special granddaughters.


What is the Kimel Centre?

The first of its kind in Canada, the Kimel Family Centre for Brain Health and Wellness will be located on-site in the Terraces-Wagman Centre complex. It will integrate brain health, physical fitness, nutrition and social engagement for older adults – everything Stan could want.

A built-in research component will produce evidence-based programs. The Wellness Centre will have the tools and resources that are necessary to completely change the way we age with a focus on therapeutic fitness. Any breakthroughs made at the Wellness Centre will be shared, improving the way people age on a global scale.

Classes, programs and social opportunities go a long way in helping older adults stay healthy, mentally sharp and vibrant. The Wellness Centre will increase vital resources for aging adults, marrying customized seniors’ programming with research and clinical care.

What is Baycrest?

Baycrest Health Sciences is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging.

As an academic health sciences centre, fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, Baycrest provides an exemplary care experience for aging clients combined with an extensive clinical training program for students and one of the world’s top research institutes in cognitive neuroscience. Through its commercial and consulting arms, Baycrest is marketing its sought-after expertise and innovation to other healthcare organizations and long-term care homes, both in Canada and internationally.

What is the Rotman Research Institute?

The Rotman Research Institute (RRI) is a premier international centre for the study of human brain function.

The primary research focus is on memory and the executive (frontal lobe) functions of the brain, both in normal aging and in the presence of diseases and conditions that affect the brain, such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

World renowned scientists at the RRI promote effective care and improved quality of life of the elderly through research into behavioural changes associated with the aging process.


Thank you for helping build Stan’s Gym! Your generosity will be appreciated by Stan because it will help millions of older men and women.

Supporters & Friends of Stan’s Gym

(In Alphabetical Order)

*Recognition at Stan's Gym will be in line with Baycrest Policy.

Jay Aber & Audrey Douek
Bonnie Goldberg & Adam Abramson
Beverley Abramson
Pat Adair
Stephen Adler
Marlowe & David Ain
Pam and Lauren Albert
Sharon Alderdice
Bryon Alexandroff
Monique Allen
Barry Alter
John Alton
Andy Ames
Dan & Jill Anzarut
Phil & Alissa Anzarut
Darryl Appleton
Aaron Atkinson
Jason Atlas
Joshua & Karen Auslander
B2B Fund
Graham Badun
Kayli Balaban
Steven Balet
Jordan Banks
Michael and Ann Barrett
Arthur Bass
Tobie and Ted Bekhor and Family
Tammy and Neil Berg
Todd Beallor
Pam Beigel
Brian Bender
Jordan Benjamin
Tammy and Neil Berg
Gay And Johnny Berger
Jody Berkes
Debbie Berlin-Romalis
Michael Berman
Paul and Barbara Bernstein
Michael Bertrand
Kimberly Bindra
Arthur Boese
Myron Boltman
Krysten Bortolotti
The Bouganim Family
Barbara Bowlby
Judy Brase
Michael Bregman
Adam Breslin
Brettler Mintz Foundation
Bob Bridel
Shelley Brook
Linda Brown
Cambridge Group Of Clubs
Lorne Cantor
Frank Caplan
Barry Stork and Mona Caplan
Danny Cappe
Jane Carman
Richard M. Caro
June Carroll
Wendy Marion Cecil
Robert A. Centa
Rob Chadwick
Catherine Chang
Barbara Chatz
Lawrence Chernin
Complete Oxygen Care and Complete CPAP
Adam Chernichaw
Lawrence Chernin
George and Sonia Chisholm
Norma Christie
Eugene Cipparone
Jeff And Shawna Citron
Dino Clarizio
Shelley Clasky
L Clements
Anthony Cohen
Dan and Kirby Cohen
Shawna Cohen
Stephen and Wendy Cole
David & Naomi Colla
David Coll-black
Margot Collins
Sarah Collins
David D. Conklin
Johnny Connon
Alkin Corporation
David Cowan
Chantelle Courtney
Barry Cracower
Fergus Craik
Monica Creery
Ken Crofoot
Bonnie Croll and Robert Henry
Crowe Soberman LLP
Jeremy and Ali Dacks
Mike Davidson
Michael Davidovits
Roger & Mary Lou Davis
Geana Demone
Serena Dessen
Mario Di Fiore
Michael and Janette
The Diamond Family
Jack Ditkofsky
Fred Doucette
Lisa & Philip Draper
Jim Durran
Joshua Eisen
John Emanoilidis
Darlene and Brian Empey
Andrea Engels
Jeffrey and Lynda Engel
Lindsay Everitt & Joshua Goodman
Jeremy Dacks, Ali, Jordan and Abby
Gil and Gail Faclier
Phyllis and Ab Flatt
Garry and Joanne Foster
Jacqui Faclier
Michelle Fagen
Wittlin Family
Lana Feinstein
Cathy, Michael, Aaron and Lisa Feldman
Jason Feldman
Jay and Vered Feldman
Marla Feldman
Rosalyn & Richard Feldman
Susan and Amy Feldman, Jon, Shlomit, Mia, and Noa Feldman
Susan F. Feldman
Warren Fireman
Michael Firestone
Jamie Firsten
Phyllis Flatt
Fabulous Formals
Gary and Joanne Foster
Sari Fox
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Stephen W. Herbert
Bill Hunter
William Hill
Yoav Hirsch
Rob Hochberg and Carrie Heller
Lindsi and Michael Hollend
Elliott and Ellen Horwitz
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Dale Hubble
Martha Hundert and Jeremy Fraiberg
Bill Irwin
Adrian Ishak
Resa Jacob
Richard Jacobs
Tamryn Jacobson
Gail Jaffe
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Dr. Nina Josefowitz
Josh Josephson
Murray Hart and Jill Kamin
Marcia and Stephen Herbert
Karen and Aaron, Sharon, Elan and Raya
Reene and Marvin Katz
Susan Klayman
Jonathan Mogil And Jill Kasner
David Kassie
Suzy Kauffman
John Keefe
Jennifer Kennedy
Robert Kerr Foundation
Jay Keystone
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Celeste Kirk
Scott Kitching and Barb Van Walleghem
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Lori Lazarovitz
Ellen and Alan Levine and Family
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Penny, Sam, Joey and Lyndsay
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Dr. Margaret MacAdam
Kari Mackay
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Lauren Malach and David Sax
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Devorah Lithwick and Seth Mandell
John & June Mann
Alan Mark
David Markowitz
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Joel Maser
David Matlow
Marcovitch Family
Melanie Potts and Neill May
Monique McAlister
John McCamus
William Mcdonald
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Linda McWhirter
The Menkes Family
Tom Mihalik
Florence R. Minz
Sandra Montanino
Alex Moore
Murray Morton
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Tara Dubrow and David Nadler
Gord Nelson
Barb and Steve Newman
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Aaron Fox and Sari Nisker
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